Places on the Journey

Here are a few pics and links for some of the places we’ll be visiting this week, from top to bottom.  We’ll present our program Sunday night at Louisburg Baptist Church, pastored by Rev. Reggie Rushing, who was our Music Director at PVUMC for many years.

Monday, we’ll be visiting Top of the World, Inner Harbor, Baltimore and enjoying lunch in the area.    That afternoon we’ll have a tour of The Children’s Home, Baltimore, have lunch with the residents, and both IGNITE and GLOW will perform for them.

Tuesday, we’ll tour an Amish Homestead, have a delicious family-style Amish lunch at Hershey Farm, and take in the spectacular production, Jesus, at Sight and Sound Theater.

For lunch on Wednesday, we’ll have a picnic at City Island, Harrisburg, and enjoy a boat ride on the Pride of the Susquehanna.  Afterwards, we’ll serve in several different missions–Mission Central, the Central PA Food Bank, and Caitln’s Smiles.  After dinner, we’ll head over to the Bethesda Mission for a tour, present our program there, and serve ice cream for a social time.

Hershey Park is THE agenda item for Thursday.  The pictures below are from a previous IGNITE trip.  So much fun!

Louisburg Baptist Church & Reggie Rushing
Concert for Louisburg Baptist Church, Louisburg, NC – (Pastor, Rev. Reggie Rushing, is former Music Director at PVUMC.)
Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland
Amish Experience
Amish Homestead Tour
Picnic at City Island, Harrisburg, and a ride on the Pride of the Susquehanna.

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