Headed home (Friday)

Hi, again parents, family, friends, church family, blog followers.  We are on the road headed home.  As much fun as we’ve had, I believe it is unanimous that we are all excited to be coming back to you.

Last night, our end-of-day meeting included a little tribute time for our two senior Ignite members, Matt Dalley and Logan Pinckney.  Matt has only been with us a short time, but has really jumped in and fit in with us.  He rocked it with a solo on our tour.  Logan’s been with us for more years.  I don’t think singing is his absolute favorite thing to do, but he’s an integral and faithful member of the group.  His interpretation of “the voice of God” in the skit was perfect.  PJ presented them each with a framed picture set to take with them to college to remind them of their time with us.  Haley Bolduc had prepared a short video to honor them.  You can view it at:  https://youtu.be/97QCWu0yLyw.  Thanks, Haley!

Each youth was assigned a secret pal before the trip.  Every day they would have someone else on the trip deliver a SMALL gift to their pal.  After honoring the seniors, it was time for the secret pal “reveal” party.   PJ asked two kids to go to the middle of the circle and asked each of them to say who they thought their secret pal was, based on handwriting, gift choices, and delivery people.  If they didn’t know who their pal was specifically, then they were asked to say whether they thought it was by category:  high school girl, high school boy, middle school girl, or middle school boy.

It was clear that some of the kids are VERY good at keeping a surprise a surprise, and some are very BAD!  It was hilarious.  See you all soon!


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